In the hot days of summer it seems like nothing is blooming any longer, the heat has taken it’s tole on mother nature. But, if you care to stand out in the heat, and enjoy a day amongst the flowers, then head on down to Andrews Scenic Acres. Karin and I needed a trip away from the computer and recalled that in past years there had been a field of flowers along the road. We hopped into Karin’s van and away we went. Just down highway 25 to #10 sideroad around a couple of curves and it appears. Right along the roadway is a gorgeous field of Dahlia’s, all the colours you could imagine, some open, some just budding.

You can park right along the road, the rows of flowers are an easy “tripod” distance apart, and 20 of us could be out there and not need to stand at the same flower ever ! I also noticed that behind the flowers is another field of sunflowers slowly making their way up to blooming .. not quite there yet but in a few more weeks I think we will be back for some more great shots.

As a bonus if you care to go into the pick your own the raspberries looked        ( and tasted ) great ….