It’s time..

The trip is over, we are heading home.. and as we sit around and contemplate the trip the discussion revolves around it being time..

  • time to go home and sleep in our own beds
  • time to start processing all these awesome pictures
  • time to go back to work( boooo)
  • time to not want to go back to work !
  • time to wish the trip could go on forever
  • time to start planning a return trip to get the shots we missed
  • time to plan another holiday 🙂

As with all holidays they must come to an end but the pictures we take on the trip remind us of all the great times and incredible things we have seen along the way. I’m sure there will be lots more pictures posted by us all so be sure to check flickr + facebook to see them all :


Can’t wait to see you all at club night and maybe even sooner at the PhotoArt guest speaker Mike Beedell.




You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow…

But your lips MUST touch the toe ! Well alright not my lips cause that wouldn’t be a good end to the holiday but Chris, Rob, and Aneta all became true Dawsonites by completing the ritual of drinking a sour toe cocktail at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City. Nearly 70,000 others have fearlessly drank their poison ( alcohol) with a year old human toe in the glass and lived to tell the tale.

Now once the liquid courage was done ( and we all wished Eric, front and centre sitting in the photo) a happy 25th birthday we continued on with the actual purpose of the trip, taking photo’s.

Tombstone Territorial Park was the next stop on our adventure for Barb’s first and ONLY sunrise. It also firmly reinforced that I DO NOT need to get up for any more sunrises !  We arrived to cloudy skies that didn’t clear and the -35 with the windchill really didn’t encourage many to get out of the vehicle and take alot of pictures, I cheated by leaning out the window. We returned to Tombstone for sunset and as we pursued the blue sky there were plenty of photo opportunities, especially when Chris thought he could walk on top of the snow bank and then… sank.

We did hit some sun as we returned toward Dawson again and Eric flew the drone a few times, we all can’t wait to see the video of the trip. A quick stop at the welcome to Dawson City sign and we were ready to shoot Aurora all evening. Tonight is another Aurora night on our last night here in Dawson, it’s an incredible little city with plenty to see and do. So stay tuned for some final Aurora shots in tomorrows blog and stay warm, I know we will be trying to tonight, it’s supposed to be a balmy -22 .. I may not even put on my jacket (yeah right)